What is a Monitor

What is a Monitor? Definition and Full Discussion

What is a monitor? A monitor is called a device through which users can communicate with the computer by receiving data. It went through various stages from its birth, continuously evolving and offering new improvements, until it reached the modern led technology of today. A computer is fundamentally a data processing center managed by a user; This relationship necessarily implies input …

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Monitor Panel Types

Monitor Panel Types: TN, IPS, VA, PLS, IGZO, WLED

Indeed you have seen many times the monitor panel types in its technical specifications. Do you know what a monitor panel is? Do you know what types of monitors there are and what each one of them is for? That is precisely what we will see today in this article; we will try to …

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TFT Screen

What is a TFT Screen? You Need To Know Everything

The TFT screen, also called TFT-LCD or LCD screens TFT, is a type of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display, LCD display) using technology TFT (Thin Film Transistor, Thin Film Transistor) for controlling the pixels.  In both computer monitors and televisions, TFT screens have displaced CRT cathode tube screens due to their small thickness, weight and …

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What is a Plasma Screen

What is a Plasma Screen? Know Everything

What is a plasma screen: Plasma screen monitors are monitors that have a flat screen. These monitors are very popular because they offer excellent picture quality and clear colours.  The screen of this monitor is generally produced in a widescreen format. Plasmas are not cheap, and if you decide to buy one, …

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What is CRT Monitor

What is CRT Monitor? – Everything You Need to Know

What is CRT Monitor?: IN a CRT, or cathode ray tube, the monitor uses electrons to transfer images from a program source (probably a computer or antenna).  CRT monitors are both heavy and robust, but they were the types of monitors that were associated with desktop computers for much of …

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What is LED Monitor

What is LED Monitor – Know Everything

What is LED Monitor: Modern technology is incredible: a marvel of ingenuity, creativity, and talent. The technological revolution of the last century continues to change the world, mainly for the better. Along with technological innovation, there is a new vocabulary to describe technological advancements. Now here is this clearer than in …

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What Is LCD Monitor

What Is LCD Monitor? Know Everything

What Is LCD Monitor?: Increasingly popular, LCD monitors ( Liquid Crystal Display – Liquid Crystal Monitors ) are already considered, by many, essential for the use of the computer. Not for less: Besides taking up less space, they consume less energy and are more comfortable for the eyes. In the next few …

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What Is Digital Monitor

What Is Digital Monitor? A Simple Definition

What is Digital Monitor? A lot of people are asking me this later when they come to know about it. The technology behind this kind of monitor is a bit different from CRT or LCD monitors. So it takes some time for people to understand it. There are some differences …

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